Nurse's week

  1. Well, it's coming up! What sort of things has your clinic done for you that have really shown appreciation in a good way, without being trite and boring? We always have food, and there are usually some gifts, but I'm not sure what to do this year and I'm the main planner (I'm an NP at the clinic).

    I always think of one of my (male) nursing professors who talked about getting a makeup kit from his hospital for nurses week. :trout:

    Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   Tolos
    Got a surprise gift for scrubs from the MDs of my dept , (we have about 5 specific colors to use at work on mondays to thursdays and any color on fridays starting this july) , quite appropriate. I also recieved a surprise gift from my husband. A rehab centre is also giving us a spa night with food, drinks, facials, massages and parrafin baths. I love surprises!!!!
  4. by   ashemson
    I work in a clinic with 4 other nurses. We had a special day each day of the week. Our manager made a huge poster with pictures of us doing odd things all over it and left it on display all week. One day she arranged for a hand massage, another day she arranged for a back massage, we had chocolate day, we received flowers. It was really nice to feel appreciated for at least one week!