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  1. I have been working for a GI practice for 6 years. The practice is growing, now 6 doctors, 1 nurse practicioner, 1 P.A. and a staff of 6 office nurses. A year ago, the docs hired a new practice administrator, with no medical background. The problem is she keeps adding more and more clerical responsibilites to the nursing staff (such as filing charts,coping reports, sending out mail) which reduces immensely the amount of time we have for actual patient care. Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with this, as it is causing much stress and frustration among the nursing staff. By the way, there is a secreterial staff of 7 in the office. thanks
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    A healthcare administration organization has reommended staffing ratios The acronym is MGMA. I may have some add'l inof on file. It is a waste to use clinical folk for clerical tasks unless there is unavoidable "downtime" MGMA has a website. I will email the address because I am not on my own PC. This organization also has average wages. Members are usually administrators of healthcare networks. I'll send the info ASAP
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