New Surgery Center

  1. Our hospital is in the drawing phase of building a new surgery center. The center will be attached to the hospital. Are there any experience out there both positive and negative that would help in our plans? What would you have done differently. What do you love...What do you HATE????:angryfire
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  3. by   PedsRNBSN
    STORAGE...STORAGE....STORAGE!!!! That is our biggest complaint!!! Also, make sure there is an area for staff to have breaks, and space to have the nurse manager down in the middle of everything to supervise!
  4. by   WaynesvilleRN
    Thank you PedsRN

    Yeah storage is always a problem. Even when you think you don't need more find yourself way short on it.....Part of our unfortunate problem is we can only build one way....(up)....due to the proximity of the addition to the hospital..