Medication lists

  1. I'm trying to come up with a medication flow sheet for the chart that can be put on the front of the record without rewriting all the meds at every visit, (except for changes and d/c's)---any one have any forms they can e-mail me?
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  3. by   casperbjs
    If you can give me you e-mail address I can try to send you a copy of a medication list that we used.
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  4. by   bea
    We have a medication list that we put in the very back of the chart and it is blue. This makes it stands out so it can be found easily. We chart start date, stop date, name of med, dose, frequency, route, and then have rows of boxes for the date and signiture of the last refill. On the bottom of the form we have patient name, date of birth, allergies, pharmacy and pharmacy phone number