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  1. I am an ambulatory RN and our clinic recently went to an electronic medical record. Our policy is in the process of being revised to state that the use of protocols shall be permitted. The protocol that is currently being developed states that once the physician (or NP) writes an order for a specific DME item, the RN can "modify" it for 1 year from the date of order. By modifying they mean: change quantity, brand name or model. The RN then can place orders in regards to that specific piece of medical equipment "on behalf" of the provider. The protocol is signed by the provider, but subsequent orders that fall into the protocol and are placed on behalf of the provider are not signed off by the provider

    Does any other ambulatory practices have similar protocols for medical equipment/supplies?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   KoffeyRN
    I see this post is from January and I am sure your question has been answered. I just wanted to caution that any changes to an order need to be signed by the physician for most insurance companies. If not when the claim is billed there is a high chance the DME item would be denied.