curious about phys. office nursing

  1. Hello im a male and 19 and Im curious on how to become a phys. office nurse,can anyone help,?I would also like to know the salary for just coming out of a Rn program, what classes should i take? Thnx.
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  3. by   cjp
    Hi there,
    Are you in a nursing program now? Where I work (multispecialty clinic) they don't hire new grads. The RN must have at least two years experience working as an RN with medical surgical background. There is no differentiation between ADN and BSN degree as far as work. There is in pay. There are no classes to prepare you for office nursing. Office nursing is as unique as any nursing position you can find. My suggestion would be, pick a specialty you love ie pediatrics, urology, ortho etc. get your feet wet for a couple of years and excell in "your" field.
    A lot of offices are now looking for care managers. I do asthma care management so that might also be something to look into, care mangement.

    As for pay. Well it is a bit lower than hospital nursing but the perks are better. No weekends, nights etc. The days can be long and very tireing.

    Good luck to you in what ever you decide.