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  1. I have accepted a position as team leader for the O.R. , pre & post areas of a ambulatory same day surgery center. I have never worked in this area & need clinical pathways for our routine surgeries: hand surgeries, orthopedic surgeries (lap & open) - shoulders & knees, pain management - epidural injections, eye surgeries - cataracts etc, breast biopsies using the abbi & mib method, d & c, hernia repairs etc. Now we have taken on pediatric cases & are doing T & A's. What i need is clinical pathway for each on how these patients are managed starting from the pre op period to discharge. If anyone has anything - please let me know. Also does anyone know of a good reference manual on how to mange kids pre & post op on same day surgeries - including general information about kids & surgery. Any pamphlet source would also be greatly appreciated. I went on line & found great teaching sources for hand surgery but nothing else. Thanks Denise Rangel
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    my problem is also the same ,i am member of surgical care team,the only nurse in a team,delegated a task,to create a clinical pathway,,i dont know also what to do considering i was assigned in emergency unit in my entire practice,,anybody could send me a pattern which i can apply in my working place,,