Any nurses in a dermatology office?

  1. I am currently a nurse at a highschool have been for 5 years now. I recently have been offered a job in a dermatology office. Can anyone please share their experiance or advice. I have only done LTC and school nursing, but office work sound busy and intresting.
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  3. by   RBNURSENZ
    I am about to start in one this week, so can't really give you any information on dermatology offices. I have worked in general practice though for the last eight years and imagine it is going to be similar to this except with only one "speciality", and a whole lot less stress. I have to say I am looking forward to it - this might be mainly because I have been in charge of nursing but only working 18 hours a week - a bit hard to hold control everything whilst doing this. I am now going to be only working an afternoon a fortnight in my new position plus all the other odd jobs I have including being a mother of three delightful girls. Working in my last general practice was very busy but this can depend on the office you are in.
    What were you planning on doing and is there pleny of jobs in this area if you choose to turn this one down?
    Good luck.