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Ambivalent on pursuing DNP

perkyRN07 perkyRN07 (New) New

Hello I've been a nurse for almost 10 yrs.I have been thinking to advance my career and take DNP course....I am not sure if it will be practical to pursue a terminal degree....I don't hve student loans right now pursuing DNP I will have 40-60k student loan depending which school....NP's does not earn that much they start as 75-90k in south and I am not sure how high is the demand by the time I finish 3-4 yrs.from now.I love bedside nursing it can be frustrating but a day off will make me wanna work again...I am making 120k a year now working 4 days a week....I want to further my studies for self fulfillment....I am the only one working in my family i have a little girl....I need your thoughts and I appreciate your time...

Thank you so much.