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Am I being snotty?


Am I being snotty? I am a new grad and I have been working at my hospital for the past 10 weeks. Next week I will be finished with orientation. I am considering paying the $15 to have my ID badge redone to reflect my degree. Security put my First and Last name, RN on my badge. I didn't think anything of it until recently when some of my coworkers asked me about my degree. Since the comment I have noticed that the nurses with advanced degrees have it reflected on their badges.

I don't believe that having a BSN makes me any better a nurse than someone with an RN, but at the same time I would like to be recognized for all the hard work I did to earn my degree.

Any feedback?


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I'm having this same dilemma...

Jolie, BSN

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If having your degree on your badge is important to you, then go ahead and put it there.

I think you will soon come to realize that there are much bigger issues in nursing practice than the initials after one's name.

My greater concern would be having my full first and last name on the front of my badge. In some areas, that is a safety risk.

Congratulations on your successful entry into your new career.

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Congrats on your new job.

That said, I was an ADN grad for many years before going back to school. I didn't change my nametag until I got my MSN but I was only a BSN for one year before I completed the MSN.

I don't think it makes you snotty. The fact that you care if you seem snotty indicates you are probably not snotty. Go for it, and celebrate your hard work.


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I don't think it makes you snotty at all!

I think all education should be recognized...it's a sign of achievement! Ofcourse there are bigger fish to fry but I think this small fish is important, too:)

Whereas I do not believe that anything but the RN is important, I agree that full first name and last name can be a safety issue and would object to being forced to comply with that. If you want to put anything else on your badge, that is your choice. I just think that people should be given the choice to leave the last name off if they choose. Congratulations on both your achievements, your degree and getting a job.

Nope, it's not snotty at all!! I was thinking the same thing....a girl who started at the same time as me has it on her badge...I just havn't been motivated enough to go down to HR and ask them to change mine yet haha

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I wouldn't do it but if its important to you, go for it.

You are not being snotty! You worked hard for your degree. I would say, get the gegree added, and take off your last name!!! Safety first!

I've been an RN since oh Nov 13, 2009 and I've quickly discovered RN is RN whether you are ADN or BSN. I've had fellow BSN's come to me and ask for help or advice because in all reality, we ARE on the same level period. We don't even have that option at our hospital. I personally have a ADN, I'm going back for my BSN so that I may apply for CRNA but irregardless of that I am an RN no matter what. I've not had any of my patients question me yet as to whether I am ADN or BSN. It is obviously important for you to proudly reflect the words BSN on your badge and if it makes you feel better then by all means proceed-- snotty or not.


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It doesn't work that way at my hospital, either. RN is RN.

I doubt if most of the general public would know what it meant anyway. Most patients don't care who you are as long as you're getting the pain meds and cleaning their poop. Even when I was a "grad nurse" and wore the big NURSE INTERN badge, no one ever questioned me, and I am still (patiently) explaining to my family and friends the difference between the ADN, BSN (I have an ADN) and both = RN.

Do you think your fellow "adn" nurses may think that you think you are better than them? If so, it wouldn't be worth it to me, really.

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Snotty? Nah. Silly, maybe. I'd rather buy something cool with $15, but to each his own. Staff who you know well probably know where you went to school (and therefore what degrees they offer), others don't care, and most patients would just wonder what BSN stands for. But there's nothing wrong with changing it if it'll make you feel better.


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I thought I was the only one! I paid the money to have mine changed, just like I paid the money to get the degree!! Might not matter to anyone but me. But it matters none the less...:yeah:


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Sounds like it's a big deal with your co-workers if several of them have eyed your badge, kinda like the people who check clothing tags to see if it came from Ann Taylor or Target, so yeah, I would. Congrats on your new career!!


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Certainly not being proud of your accomplishments is a good thing :-). I believe the reasoning for most hospitals for not having credentials on the name bands have more to do with family and patients requesting only BSN or higher credentials nursing staff. Our hospital rewards us in others ways ( by monetary stipends) for extra certifications, education, etc. If it really bothers you check to see if you could get a lab coat with those initals and your name on it!! Being proud of yourself for all your work is healthy and human!!!


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I am very proud of my BSN and when I started HR did not put it on... Luckily for me, they gave me a new one with the correct information...

Do I think I am better than an ADN? Heck no; but I worked hard and went to 5 years of college for my degree and it makes me feel good that others know it...

I know that ADN school is hard too, so I am not dissing that... We are all RN's and should be proud of passing boards to be the RN's we all are; no matter of degree... :)

RunnerNurse09, BSN, RN

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I dont think it makes you "snotty" at all. YOu worked hard for your degree. I am pursuing my BSN and I will sign RN,BSN when I have it and will desire to have it reflected on my badge.