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Am I ready

jmejo jmejo (New) New Nurse

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My confidence as a nurse is not where it needs to be. I've been a nurse for a year and a half. Anytime I feel uncomfortable doing a procedure I will ask for help, anytime I don't know the answer I look it up. I feel as if I need to go back to school because I don't "know anything". I want to be the best nurse I can be but my memory when it comes to nursing knowlege is horrible. I don't know what to do about it. I would really like to get my RN but I'm not sure I'm ready. How can I get my nursing memory and my nursing confidence up to par?


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Don't get discouraged. I've been a nurse for 24 years and still ask for help if I feel uncomfortable or unsure about certain procedures/info. I also always look up anything I'm not familiar with, espec meds. In my opinon what's scary is when nurses think they know it all and don't seek help/ask questions and continue to utilize all the info thats available to us. On the job, try to develop a routine, that might help your memory when doing task at wk. Good luck:nurse: