Am I crazy to pursue going to school and wanting another child?

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Long story short, I have a non-nursing bachelors and have been trying to go to nursing school for years and never had time. I’m a SAHM to a one year old and almost 31 years old. We had planned to have 1-3 more kids spaced out about two years apart. If I wait to finish having kids I won’t be going to school for 5+ years.

Is it reasonable that I’m pursuing nursing school and working on prereqs knowing I could have a second child right before I start the program or during the program? (I thought maybe I could plan a Summer baby.) If my program were only like a year I would wait but I’m probably going the two year CC route and will be on a waitlist anyway.

I’ve even considered going LPN to RN to BSN to try and space things out and have breaks. I’m feeling discouraged to want to further my career and family at the same time. I wish I had done this sooner but here I am.


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Go to school first. Babies can wait. Plus the new job can bring more income to support the new baby. Nursing school is not I've heard.