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Am I competitive

pnaglitch pnaglitch (Member)

This is my second year applying to CRNA school. I only applied to the University of Tennessee's program. I have reapplied and also I'm sending in my CV to LMU. I've got a 3.5 GPA, CCRN, 3 years of medical, surgical, neuro, and cardiovascular ICU. I have done rotoprone, CRRT, impella 2.5, balloon pump, etc. I'm going to take my GRE next month but other than that do I stack up? Will I be able to make a good run at getting in to either program? I currently work at UT in CVICU.


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Sounds good as long as you do well on the GRE. Good luck!

Do some volunteer work, something to set you a part from just numbers.


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Competitiveness is relative to the program and the class of applicants. You seem to have great STATs. Most programs desire a GRE score of >300 as a generic baseline for you to shoot for. Best of luck!!!


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