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Already Nervous, need words of encouragement

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I was really excited about starting to the EC program, really felt like it was a door that God has opened for me. I would be able to get my RN and still be there for my family (husband and three children.) But just thinking about the cost and difficulty of the CPNE is stressing me out already and I haven't even started. I can't afford to pay $1,900 a second time.I'm not worried about taking the test I'm okay with self study and taking test. The thought of going through the whole thing and then failing the CPNE is really bothering me. I know some of you must have felt this way too at some point what helped you to stay calm and positive?


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Tiffany you should try posting this in the distance learning forum under the student tab. There are lots of those who have been there done that. They are all a very supportive bunch and a wealth of information!

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