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Almost at the year mark, still no job :(

okay, so i graduated last may 2010 with my adn and still have not found a job. i have applied to every county in california, every new grad program, have called/walked into several snfs to see if they were hiring, and even volunteer 2 days a week (one day at a large hospital, the 2nd day at a skilled nursing facility). yet, no matter how hard i try, i cannot find myself a job that is even remotely close to nursing. since it has been a year now, i am starting to lose my confidence and feel like no one will want to hire me when there are fresh 2011 graduates competing with me. so, what now? i live in california and i feel like i have only have two options left: either move out of state or go back to school for my bsn. does anyone know of old grads still being able to get jobs after that year mark? please, any advice would help!

I definitely understand what you are going through. I graduated last May and just now got my first, though be it temporary, nursing job at a summer camp. If you can and it is something that sounds interesting, I would look into camp nursing. A position as a camp nurse had never occured to me but someone suggested it. Try nurses.campstaff.com I put up a profile there and sent my profile out to a few camps. I heard back from 2 camps with in a day of posting. I was offered two positions and am still receiving emails from camps who are interested. Good luck to you

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