Almost all diabetes and hyperglycemia?


Hi,I'm a student nurse and just now starting to look into different specialties to get a better idea of them for career planning down the line. When I first saw Endocrineology Nursing, I assumed that it would be about all the different hormonal disorders that can take place in the endocrine system. Is this speciality almost always geared toward treating people with diabetes and hyperglycemia? Or do other endocrine disorders play a big role too?Thanks


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If you work for an endocrinologist you will be exposed to lots of endocrine disorders. But look at what composes the endocrine system. The pancreas is not the only organ involved but sure represents a lot of the patient population. As a diabetic educator I can tell you I have found it important to learn how the entire endocrine system relates to diabetes. Helps in troubleshooting. Good luck in your studies!



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I see an endocrinologist in Dallas and she spends most her time with patients who have diabetes and thyroid disorders. I went for a pituitary problem which you probably know could cause wide variety of problems as well.