Wow... Thanks, allnurses!

  1. Hello all,

    I just realized after logging in this evening that I have been a member of allnurses™ SIX years as of today! WOW! Where has the time gone... and... thanks, allnurses™! I wouldn't have/couldn't have made it through, survived and thrived: nursing school once, made it through that touchstone first year, nursing school the second time while working full time, gone to wound care school and clinicals, and now, getting ready for nursing school a third time.

    allnurses™ has been my go to place for occasional chastisement (to keep me focused), loads of encouragement to buoy me through difficult times and always helping me stay up to date with current events in nursing through a virtual grapevine of sorts.

    I just wanted to say "thanks" and I'm glad you're here!

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Thanks for the praise and support. It's members like you that make the Admin Team efforts at keeping site fresh and current worth our blood, sweat, and occasional tears.

  4. by   Brian
    Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! It's great to hear how helped you along your nursing journey! We hear this all the time it's music to our ears!