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  1. I'll admit it; I'm addicted. I'm addicted to After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and Mississippi, I found myself questioning my job helping to make even more money for a company that did not reap nor did it sow. I ached to help with more than gutting relatives homes and wiping away tears of 80+ year old aunts who lost their whole lives no matter how noble others think that was. I began looking at nursing schools and found the one from which I will graduate as a RN in May. I found that school through

    As I began posting to this site I found a student from the previous year, (on who gave me her books and her notes with the stipulation that I share, and Tracy, I have shared. Every time I have had a problem with understanding a theory or a skill, I have searched for answers in this site and inevitably find the answer because, of course, the question I have has been asked before.

    When we start a new class, whether it be Med-Surg, or Mental Health, I come here and look for the resources available because nurses share; of course they do. I find web site links in threads for Dosage Math, and IV theory, and 1001 uses for gauze pads. I share this information with the class which has helped this older lady be accepted in a class of twenty somethings. I read articles and cry; I read articles and laugh. Most of all I have a huge network of other people who understand me.

    I have been edited and I have been thanked. I have my favorite threads and follow post from certain people with anticipation and always I learn. I will be the best nurse I can and as I practice I will continue to post in the hopes that someday I will make someone else cry, or laugh, or learn.

    Thank you for this website (
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  3. by   ShiphrahPuah
    I agree that is an incredible resource. As a student who will be graduating in May '08, I check every day for information. I love looking at the postings for all the nursing specialties to get honest insight. There are some specialties that I thought I would like that I now know are probably not for me and other specialties that I had never thought about that sound so interesting. That information is so valuable to me as someone who is just getting her feet wet and is trying to get a handle on all the possibilities in this field. The student forum is great for that in-the-trenches comraderie (spelling??), and it's so great to read about current trends in nursing. I use to just lurk and not post, but I recently got a membership and the latest newletter. Thanks Brian for starting up a website that is the best resource I have found for nursing!
  4. by   angelchick
    I agree also, I am a second year nursing student, and this site offers me so much information, encouragement, insight and hope in the difficult times. Have so much I want to write about... need to get to it!
    Thanks everyone for such wonderful heart felt articles and sharings.