This Is The Number 1 Site I Refer To

  1. i absolutely love this website. as someone who interacts professionally with countless nurses and/or nursing students each year, this site provides much valuable information - for myself as well as those i interact with. it's a great way to keep up with important nursing news, and a great place to share and support others in the field. and as we all know, it's even a great place to get a good laugh at times. need i mention "wacky baby names"

    i refer to this site often, and tell others that this is the website they need to be on. when i tell nurses and sn's about this site, they always write it down. i have heard feedback from some, thanking me for recommending it. but my thanks is to, and brian for starting it.


    nursing. it's not just a job, and it's more than a career. it's a calling - a way of life that saves lives.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    What a great commentary on the helpfulness and resources found at the site. Brian struck GOLD when he developed and brought us this site.

    I really do thank you for taking the time to make such a warm, kind post and recommendation to your friends/fellow students.

    Good luck in your studies and your future in nursing. I do wish you the best.
  4. by   BabyRN2Be
    I, too, come to this site for so many things. It's very up to date on things like educational requirements, and it's readership is so wide you get the perspective from other nurses not only in different US cities, but from around the world. I love that!

    I can find almost everything I need on Questions ranging from what's it like to be a NICU nurse to household tips. OK, not the one about chewy mouthwash. But in the breakroom we ask each other all sorts of questions ranging from our experiences using Vonage to timeshares. If fact, my husband and I were having a discussion the other day on various wall cleaners to try and I said "I'll look it up on the Internet." He replied, " Breakroom. You'll find it there." :chuckle
  5. by   Brian
    Hi Nadja,

    Thanks so much for your glowing testimonial and for sharing with others nurses and Student Nurses!
  6. by   Jessy_RN
    Nadja, finding this site has been one of the best things that happen to me in 04.

    I have so many great friends here and I cannot even put a price to what I have learn and continue to learn here.

    Thank you,

  7. by   drelvsme
    I've never posted before and feel free to delete this post, but I just wanted to add my thoughts and thanks as well, I'm not a nurse, but both my Father and Mother are nurses and my husband is currently in nursing school to become an RN.

    Whenever we are researching something about dh's nursing school on search engines (or have questions about nursing at all) All Nurses always pops up as a result and I get so excited because I know that I ALWAYS find the answer to what I am looking for here.

    On the bad side, I'm always interrupting dh's studying to read him posts from All, but I have to tell you that being able to understand what he is going through better, by reading what everyone on here goes through, or does, has really helped me be more patient (especially through the studying! LOL) with this whole process.

    I think, without sounding too dramatic, that these forums have really helped me be more supportive through the past couple years of nursing school, and that in turn I think helps dh to do well.

    Bottom line, thank you, even from someone who isn't a nurse! And thank you to everyone who IS a nurse, everytime I've had to go to the hospital it's been the nurses who have gotten me to relax and feel better about whatever it is I'm there for.
  8. by   irishgirl38
    Hi all,
    I'm Lucy from Boston Ma. just registered with I am currently a 3rd year nursing student and I this site is just wonderful. it is full of great information. A big thank you to Brian for the nice welcome.....Will highly reccommend this site to my fellow students Thanks again
  9. by   Toothbrushx2
    Hi nurse family,

    I am sharing this site with my nurse friends. Two nurse friends have already registered. My cat ,stevie, says Hi--he is laying on the keyboard.LOL.
  10. by   athena55
    May I add my thanks to Brian for starting this wonderful website and for the other administrators who keep up the many wonderful forums and threads as well?
    It's funny but for the life of me I can not remember how I was directed to ALL, but gosh am I ever so grateful. This is the first and only site that I use. It is listed in my favorite folder and #1 in my "nursing websites of importance" folder. Why I think I even saw mention of All in....was it the Nursing Spectrum? Or Advance for Nurses?
    Count me in as one of the many many other nurses who praise this site!
  11. by   maelstrom143
    I have been a member of this site for a while (2003) and it has never failed to yield results when I was at my wits' end. Thank you so much to all of you who share your knowledge with us and to Brian, for starting this site.:typing