These boards have been a valuable resource

  1. These boards have been a valuable resource all through nursing school. School can teach you facts and skills, but I think it takes thoughtful discussion with other nurses to learn what it means to be a nurse. You can get that from classmates, instructors, staff nurses in the clinical setting, and in many instances from nurses you know and/or work with, but allnurses puts you in touch with a wide range of views from nurses all over the world.

    It's also not a bad way to unwind a bit when your brain glazes over from careplanning, or to find a bit of encouragement when it just seems like too much. I think it should be a required activity for nursing students, and I have been recommending it to everyone I know.
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  3. by   mandykal
    You're absolutely right Mike. It's members like you that keep this forum active. (I do freak out at the amount of post some members have because it's over a thousand). I just finish reading a post about that guy who got fired for "I love you." You replied to that post was on the dot.

    This forum keeps us in touch, up-to-date with reality that anything ever thought to go wrong in nursing, we hear a story that it went wrong. And most important, we learn from it. I do too recommend this site to the floor nurses and my fellow peer students. It's a good quick resource...and one of the best.

    KAL, Student Nurse
  4. by   pricklypear
    I agree, Mike! I wish I had know about this place when I was in school. Would have been a great support.
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    I've recommended these here boards for my entire class of 2006. I think it's a great great resource - I mean, you have people from student nurse wannabe's (like ME ) to those who've been in the field for more years than my parents age and also retired ones. There's educators, teachers, associates, RNs, MS, PhD ... phew! Not to mention from all aspects of Nursing - from travelling to home health to Med-Surg to CRNA....

    And ofcuorse, from all over the world too
  6. by   suzanne4
    I wish that computers were around when I was in nursing school. Just think, we had only books to use as resources.
  7. by   misschelei
    Especially in nursing school and as a new grad it would have been great to get the heads up on too many things to list. Not to mention the support. Lots of genuine good people getting together here.