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  1. It all helped me gain more confidence, especially reading others' experiences. I was very confident (yet nervous as hell) walking into that testing center. I took my time with each question and the exam shut off at 75. I didn't know what to think- either i bombed it or passed. There was a huge part of me that truly believed that I did pass, but then again I wasn't so sure. Later on I got the good pop up!! I still have to wait a few more hours for my quick results...

    All in all, thank u to everyone who posted about their struggles and success. It helped me out, as I'm sure they've helped many others out there waiting to take on the dreaded NCLEX. Congrats to those who are officially RN's, and good Luck to all those who are testing. Remember to be confident- it makes all the difference!
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    I am so happy right now that I cant even type. I took NCLEX-RN last week and I was so worry because I thought that I have to repeat it again,, I had around 25 SATA, drag and drop around 10, math, hot spot, etc.. It was a really long four hours and the computer stopped in 135 questions.. but guess what? I PASSED THE BOARD.. I want to say THANK You to EVERYONE in this Forum all the THREAD as SSSPPPIDER MAN, MY Chicken has H, Ms Wee, etc.... I only can say THANK YOU, THANK YOU...Thanks so much everyone for all the help..
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    Congrats! Welcome to the world of nursing!
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    Haha it's not to late to run away!! Jk congrats!!!
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