Thank you Allnurses!

  1. I remember when I first came across the Allnurses website. Back when I had the slightest glimmer that nursing was for me. I was in the middle of prerequisites for a nursing program deemed quite hard to get in.....and stay in. I lurked around Allnurses for about a year before I finally joined.

    But oh the joining! Upon registering, the first thing I noticed was the sense of community. Here are people from all walks of life, at various levels of nursing careers, from all around the world!

    Allnurses's gave me a support system. When I was worried about getting into the nursing program, Allnurses's was there. When I was anxious about the program after being selected, Allnurses's was there. Whenever I had a question, most times I didn't need to ask, because it was already there!

    For the last several weeks I have been studying for the NCLEX. everything I questioned, everything I Googled, started with "Allnurses..."

    On Monday I took my NCLEX. I have read every post on the PVT. I read so many NCLEX study guides. I have cheered for many, and felt the pain of some. While I have still mainly lurked around, not signed in, not posting....just reading, adopters had been there.

    Now I've done it! I'm an RN!! I couldn't have done it without you guys, this website, and all the support... even if toy didn't know you were giving it!

    Thank you Allnurses!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Congrats! Welcome to the profession.
  4. by   Joe V

    It never fails to put a smile on our face when someone shares what allnurses means to them. Thank you.