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  1. This may be my first post on allnurses, however I'm not new to the site. I'll be graduating nursing school this May.

    Allnurses has been such a tremendous support system. I read posts while applying for schools and during the long wait to get in. When I was freaking out before the start of my first clinical rotation, I would read posts from other students about their first clinical experiences and was reassured that everything was going to be "OK!".

    When I had a tough test coming up and I just needed a fresh perspective on the material, I'd more often then not-find it here, on allnurses. When I just needed to laugh, allnurses gave me that too. There is something strangely soothing about reading the fears, joys, accomplishments, and crazy experiences from those who are students like myself & especially from the veteran nurses.

    As my experience as a nursing student draws closer to the end, I feel it's important to thank those who've helped me through.

    With that, here is a GIANT THANK YOU to all of the posters on!
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Thank you for your wonderful post. I moved it to the Testimonial forum so more members would see it.

    We are so glad that allnurses had such a positive influence on you and offered a source of support throughout your time as a student. And we are happy that you are soon to join the workforce as a NURSE!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on a job well done.
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    You know, we who have been here @ AN forever tend to forget how we look to others, especially those with fresh eyes. Thank you, Catzilla, for giving us that glimpse......I'm happy you like what you've seen so far.
  5. by   Brian
    Thanks for all your kind comments and a glimpse inside your life experiences. It's great to hear that even not being an active poster, you were a very active consumer of great nursing information! Good Luck with your new career!
  6. by   cndn_grl08
    I too am a nursing student and will be finishing the program very soon. It's exciting and very scary all at the same time. I have never posted on here before, but also have been following for quite a while, getting some good advice and laughing at the comics. I may not be a nurse but even from the time I've spent in clinical, I have experienced almost all of them myself once or twice. Thanks to Catzilla for this post, as it was the first one that has actually convinced me to join so I could reply. I'm looking forward to spending some more time looking around now that I can participate more. Thanks again Catzilla, and to all the nurses and students who have helped me through and made me laugh up to this point!!