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  1. [FYI: This post is from a foriegn nurse still learning english]

    My daughter 5 years old start her day telling me " mom could I open YOUR Allnurses", LOL. Allnurses is part of my family now. My daughter knows, my husband knows, my friends knows, even my old parents from oversea know....."our daughter is still on All nurses", LOL

    I am here because I am a nurse , I was, I am and I will be a nurse all my life. If it is one place where a nurse could be NURSE all in all is on ALLNURSES. Is like a big family a nurses family.

    I start fight for my americam nursing dream here in 2004. Was hard times and my moral was soo down. I made an account and I start to ask for help and advices. My english was soo poor, my money soo few, not support at all, but I had THE DREAM, to be nurse in USA!

    I start to learn english, and AN was with me, I wrote, I chat, I learnt a lot of english worlds, (slangs inclusives, helpfull for nurses exposed at hard situations lool). Zuzi is a foreign nurse, french speaker before.

    I passed my english exam....Yippie!, AN was with me, and happy togheter!

    I start to learn for my NCLEX exam, an AN was with me, tones of information, my first assesment was made it fallowing AN documentation, LOL.

    My first trip in USA and passing american border, my AN was with me.

    My Nclex exam, a Zuzi alone in a big city, but AN people waiting a response from Zuzi, Zuzi is very motivated, Zuzi will pass the exam and she was passed , Yippie!

    Zuzi found a job, Zuzi scarried, she dosen't know where she will go, she goes in nowhere.... but she bought the ticket is the ticket for her freedom...AN will know all about her trip, and her place of heaven, was a adventure and each day of Zuzi life is an adventure.
    Zuzi starts to work, and is happy, and work like a team, and with good and bad is nursing life that she loves and AN is also closed to her. Each day start with AN and finish with AN.

    Lots of friends here on AN, people that know when Zuzi laugh or cry, people with whom Zuzi is just Zuzi an RN woman with her dreams and her songs and her life in her place of heaven. AN teach Zuzi to sing and to dance again, AN let Zuzi to be Zuzi, AN is part of Zuzi and Zuzi is part of AN.

    Thank you AN! MUAAAAAAAAH!
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  3. by   FranEMTnurse
    precious zuzi,
    just know you are very very special to us, and even more special to others. you know who we are. i love you dearly sweetie.