My Lifeline to My Fellow Nurses

  1. I came here looking to tell my story of retaliatory termination and get insight from fellow nurses on my situation, I got that a so much more. What I found was a group of caring intelligent individuals who totally understood where I came from.They gave me advice, comfort, support and hope for a good outcome.

    I was surprised to connect with other nurses on the Nursing Activism/ Health Care Politics forum, who were going through the same thing I was and we were able to exchange information and resources for nurses who are wrongfully terminated for being true to the principles we were taught in nursing school . Much lively and sometimes heated debate about Universal Health care kept me glued to my computer all day at times.The Union Forum also has been a jumpin' forum, especially of late. Have learned so much about unionization, from those pro and con.

    In the Retired or Inactive Nurses and Disabled nurses forums, I was able to connect with other nurses such as myself with a disability that keeps them from working as a nurse.I was heartened to know I was not alone.

    My favorite forum,in the Break Room, Current Events and then Election 2008 has kept me occupied and kept my mind active since I no longer work.I love the Military Support Thread for family members of those serving in the military, have shared fears, prayers and support there.

    I end by saying THANK YOU to Brian for getting ALLNURSES started and to the wonderful staff of administrators and moderators.Thanks for not kicking me off the forum and for the polite and gentle reminders of the TOS. I probably give some of them gray hair! I have met some AMAZING nurses here from all over the country and the world. Love you guys and gals.:redpinkhe

    I'll be here with my fellow nurses at for many years to come.
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  3. by   Brian
    ingelein, thanks so much for your glowing review. Your testimonial was like reading a well written article Great job writting it!