I was lost but now I am Found after reading allnurses.com

  1. Before I happen to luck up and find this website, I was depress did not know what to do. I let my CNA expire for about three years. As I was job hunting I would see ads Hiring for CNA. But now I cant find a job, my late grandmother once said keep pressing no matter what may come your way. So I am pressing with the help of GOD and allnurses.com

    I live in Michigan and getting a job here is at a bare minium, I hate to say it but it is true. I am a very optimistic person , I always look on the bright side of everything no matter what. I keep smiling even when I don't want to smile at all. But being a mother of four boys you can never show giving up is an option at all.

    I guess in your life time you have to wether the storm to see the sunshine and the rainbow at the end. I attend Wayne State University in pursue of a degree in science, which is not easy at all being a full time wife and mother. I will not let any obstacales in front of me dictate my future. But since I found this web site it has been a breath of fresh air, I soley believe god directs your path this one I did not see coming.

    I am very thankful for meeting people just like me (or what I'm going through). allnurses.com has a lot of useful information that I did not know was available online. Thank you GOD!

    I have sent out so many resumes that I just gave up. No one would call but one day I clicked the icon for Careers on allnurses.com and I had a call - it was not from Michigan but from North Carolina. I felt so good!

    I am willing to relocate just to take care of my family. My attitude is live and keep smilling things will get better no matter how hard it looks. And right now it looks very hard, I will not let that get the best of me I no it is going to happen, I am worthy of a job who needs a wonderful caregiver like me. I love giving and I know all the deeds that I sow in this world, to people, and animals I had to put that in I am a animal lover. Kirk Franklin said it is going to be a brighter day, it will.

    Be encouraged no matter what going on he will make it all right but you have to stay strong. God is preparing me for something so big that I had to stay focus, I never would have found this site on my own god led me to it and he will lead me through it.
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    This sit is so helpful, just when you think you are alone here comes your angel. Allnurses.com are my angels

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    God Is great ! He is our comforter no matter what . And I believe he led me here
    today as well. Thank You Lord Jesus for all the blessings!
  5. by   Tyanna
    I know that GOD will direct our path all you have to do is have faith, a size of a mustard seed and that is not big at all. Since I have been on this website I have had more jobs call from out of town just off the icon jobs. I have made my mind and heart up that I am relocating reach for the stars.
  6. by   Merlyn
    Thank You for sharing your story. We all have to die a bit before we live again. Nice to see you are from Michigan. I have an uncle that lives there around Bay City. He had eight kids. Very Irish uncle. best of luck. You'll make it. Don't worry
  7. by   brayan099
    i feel like that most of the time but im being optimistic too
  8. by   Tyanna
    Thank you best wishes to you at what ever your dreams may be
  9. by   Tyanna
    Being optimistic is good, we see enough neagtive things on tv or in our life period. Keep being optimistic it will get you far.
  10. by   nurse_stephie2be
    Hi Tyanna, I know it's been a while since tyou posted this. I just wanted to let you know that your not alone. In going through similar. I'm taking my cna class October the 1 st hopefully and really hope I can find a job. It's really hard to find a Job did you have any luck yet??

    Thanks )