I Luv, Luv, Luv ALLNURSES!!!

  1. I absolutely LUV Allnurses!

    I have been a member since September 2001. It didn't take long for me to become addicted to ths nursing website. I used to frequent another nursing website, and found that it was not friendly to newcomers.

    Allnurses has always been friendly to me, caring, loving, praying for me when I needed prayer, and encouraging me when I needed encouraging.

    A few members have even helped me out financially when I was in a serious life-change, and found myself in financial straits. Sometimes I had to frequent the library to use their computer just so I could stay in-touch with my Allnurses Buddies. They genuinely care about one another, and I genuinely care about them.

    I have learned a lot from reading tons of threads, getting to know other nurses in America as well as from nurses around the world. Where else can I go in a nanno second and make friends around the world but on the world wide web? Nowhere. Many members on Allnurses are as close to my heart as my friends are who live near me. I've met a few Allnurses in person, share many things with some on a personal level, and think the Owner of Allnurses (Brian) deserves a standing ovation for creating the best nursing website on the world wide web.

    Thank you Brian for putting your "brain power" to work and creating this site for us to enjoy...to be addicted to.

    Thank you to each Allnurses Moderator who helps Brian in keeping this website in topnotch order for its members.

    During my very trying time over the past couple years, I came to realize how much I was loved and cared about from so many loving and caring members here at Allnurses.

    Thank you to each member who extends of their hearts to make another member (especially a member in need as I was) feel cared for, wanted, missed, and loved. God bless each one of you.

    :icon_hug: :kiss :flowersfo :urck:rdnrs:
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