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  1. I enjoyed this site and the virtual discussions prior to the election. Some of the participants became more than screen names. When my DH took sick and ultimately passed away I came to this site for hand holding. I was in a city I had never visited, knowing no one and feeling so alone. I posted that my husband was ill and immediately got support. In my times of waiting for recovery that did not come I re-read these entries. They helped me again and again. Each note of support gave me more strength to continue a little while longer. When the end came I was able to speak to one of the members via phone. She supported me when others in the family were unable due to their own pain.
    I have shared this site with students and used the info to help when they have difficulties with care plans. The venting is thought provoking. The specialty areas keep me a little a breast of the rest of the nursing field.
    This site keeps my brain active and spirits bright. I am not posting much now but I still read and think about many of the issues raised.
    I'll keep coming back.
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