Benefits, Drawbacks

  1. I have been posting on these forums infrequently for nine months. This site, in my honest opinion, has its beneficial aspects as well as a decent handful of negative drawbacks. Since this specific forum is fairly new, I might as well create a thread to give my blunt feedback.

    BENEFITS has a large membership base, which allows a free-flowing exchange of ideas. Members range from people who are thinking about getting into nursing to the highly experienced, advance practice nurses. My NCLEX-PN examination is scheduled for next month, and it has been pleasurable that members are answering many of my queries. I somewhat feel at home while making posts in the LPN/LVN forum (since I am applying for LVN licensure).

    I am a still a student and, as long as I'm not violating the T.O.S., should be able to freely ask questions without being called a 'troll'. Also, I notice quite a bit of 'grand-standing' on these forums. For example, some members will indirectly or subtly post with an air of superiority because they've attained more education or simply like to 'eat their young.'

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide some honest, unabridged feedback on It is amazing how this website continues to grow!
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  3. by   P_RN
    TheCommuter, thank you for your comments. One reminder to everyone that any disagreement or other concerns about these forums need to be reported to the moderator/.administrators by clicking the triangle with the exclamation point. Thanks for understanding.
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Another suggestion

    There's also the option to post your concerns in the Site Feedback section, if your concerns might deal with more than one post or thread.

    This is an area where you can voice any concerns with the site (politely, of course), and only you and the administrators can see it and respond to it.
  5. by   Tweety
    I'm sure honest feedback is appreciated. I hope I'm not one who puts on that kind of air, but I've been accused of it before. Anyway, when I look at the negatives, I don't look as it like "quite a bit of........" or there is "a lot of......" because honestly, with 100,000 members posting thousands of posts a day, taken as a percentage of the whole, it's mostly neutral and positive posts we see.

    It does seem like you're not allowing the drawbacks to jade you and I appreciate that.
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    Quote from Tweety
    It does seem like you're not allowing the drawbacks to jade you and I appreciate that.
  7. by   hbrittsan
    Hi, I am an LVN going to BSN school in Sacramento. My experience as an LVN has been very limited, the hospitals will only take you with a year's worth of experience. and you end up having to work in nursing homes mostly. I suggest you keep going with nursing school and get your RN, after all we do a lot of the same work for a much smaller pay check!