allnurses is a blessing!

  1. allnurses has been my “saving grace” more than once in the past few years! When I was working at the hospital, which was honestly the “best” job I’ve ever had, other nurses provided a lot of support and humor and advice when things got rough. It was always a blessing to be able to come here and talk with other people who knew where I was coming from and had also been there and done that. When I was “fired” (technically ASKED to resign) from there, I was crushed…beyond what I can even describe…even now, over two years later, I am getting teary as I type. Then, a lot of people from allnurses helped to pick myself up and go on with my world…and when my sister died, five days after I was “fired” the support was just overwhelming. It is amazing that a bunch of people who I have never met stood by me and reminded me that life goes on and that sitting and wallowing in my self pity wasn’t getting me anywhere. When traumaRUs gave me a “gift premium membership” to allnurses, I probably cried for three days!

    So…two jobs later (and one job offer that was rescinded!), allnurses is still an important part of my day. I don’t post as much as a lot of members do, but I check in quite a bit. It is very therapeutic to read that so many others are going through what I am going through or to laugh at the things that keep us from going home in tears at the end of our shift. I still miss the hospital a lot and hope to get to work in one again. For now, I like what I do, even though my supervisor is a bit back stabbing and inconsistent! I still have horrible fears that every time I mess up, that I am going to end up getting “fired” again…I don’t know if that feeling will ever go away. I am really starting to love long term care again…it just feels so good when residents make a point of introducing me to their families or tell the doctor how much I did for them, when all I did was hold their hand while the hospice nurse explained their philosophy to them.

    I think that allnurses makes a difference in the lives of the regulars…it is a great place to vent, get advise, give advice, learn from our colleagues mistakes, and share stories…the good ones and the bad. I really appreciate Brian and all of the moderators for what they do…there have been days that have been so much easier because of what you do!

    I almost of my favorite online friends posts here! Tazzi...I love you bunches...haven't seen you in ages!
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