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  1. To my good fortune I happened upon one night while searching for some information about an IV medication. What I found was not only all the information I needed about reconstituting that medication but also a vast treasure trove of information on anything pertaining to nurses and nursing. If by chance you cannot find something, you can ask, and you will get an answer.

    I have good friends here on allnurses who really care about me the person as well as me the nurse. I can come here when I'm happy and or when I'm sad. I have a safe place to vent when I need to. I have a safe place to join a intelligent discussion when I feel the need. I have a safe place to ask for an opinion on any topic imaginable without fear of being chastised for my own opnion. The moderators look out for everyone and make sure that everything written is done so respectfully.

    There are many more perks being a Premium or Platinum Member. The Break Room is "always" entertaining. The Good Morning thread keeps us abreast of what's going on in each others lives. There are true friendships to be found in the Break Room. In addition to the GM thread there are many more threads in the Break Room that can brighten up you day Jokes, heartwarming stories, games, polls, photo's to share, discuss books you're reading, what you're cooking including the recipes, and the list goes on. is here for me 24/7 365 days a year. I never have to be lonely or bored. I can come here to laugh, cry, vent, enjoy, learn, search, be creative (writting an article), or voice an opinion. I find that allnurses is wonderful therapy. You have a signature line you can change whenever your heart desires and a personalized Avatar that you can change whenever you want to change your look or mood. Where on earth can you get therapy 24/7 every day of the year for 8 cents per day? Hey and no forms to fill out! No preauthorization! Now if you're like me and prefer not to see all the ads then you can spend 16 cents per day and go Premium.
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