Top 8 Captions - Help select winner in 3rd Nursing Caption Contest

  1. Thanks to everyone who participated! We read over 200 entries for our 3rd Nursing Caption Contest and came up with a Top 8 list. Please select the best choice from the poll below...

    The winning entry will be awarded $100!

    [UPDATE] May 5th - Congratulations to CindyNRN for winning the 3rd Nursing Caption Contest!

    Winning caption cartoon can be found at The things that come out of your mouth...

    All captions can be found at Nursing Student Cartoon Caption Contest - Win $100

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  2. Poll: Select the best caption for the cartoon above...

    • Maybe he wont see me if I back out real slow..

      6.12% 24
    • What brings you in today, hairy ... er, I mean, Larry?

      26.79% 105
    • Cha-Cha-Chia!....No but seriously, you're gonna die...

      9.69% 38
    • I see you had Dr. Dyslexic do your hair transplant.

      15.56% 61
    • Well, Mr. Wilson, I don't think you've looked EVERYWHERE for your contact lens.

      17.60% 69
    • Excuse me, sir, but I need to go find my instructor!

      7.40% 29
    • I know I should be practicing my assessment skills, but why am I suddenly thinking of Tom Selleck.

      4.34% 17
    • Yes, the scrubs make my butt look big. Hold still. I have to apply these EKG leads. <evil grin>

      12.50% 49
    392 Votes
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  4. by   GitanoRN
    luv it..
  5. by   mindy1982
    So.....let me get this straight...first you applied the propecia to your chest .and then...whatttttttt? No sir just leave your trousers on until the Doctor comes in.Yes that will be fine. Bbbye
  6. by   jxngirl
    Lol "What brings you in hair today?"
  7. by   Joe V
    Congratulations to CindyNRN for winning the 3rd Nursing Caption Contest!