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  1. please discuss this announcement in this thread:
    we have a new optional feature where you can choose to have threads color coded for easier browsing. this feature is available to all members, but you must be logged in to access it. feel free to watch the short video walkthrough on this feature or follow the text instructions below.
    please note: the office menu is now called myaccount

    text directions:

    how to turn on/off the thread color option:
    1. visit your edit options page from your office menu:
    2. on the edit options page, scroll down towards the bottom to the miscellaneous option section, check the box to enable the thread color option, then click "save changes".
    3. then visit a forum, and see the colors
    4. enjoy the feature!
    if you don't like the feature, you can easily remove it. just follow the above directions, uncheck the box and save the changes.

    i hope you enjoy the feature!
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  3. by   care4u2010
    Thanks Brian, you are very professional and smart at what you do. Thanks for all of the helpful information. Keep up the good work.
  4. by   Brian
    Just fixed the video, the previous link was not working. Hope you enjoy the feature.
  5. by   akcarmean
    I am using the thread color code and I love the new feature.
    Thanks Brian