3rd Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

  1. The Nursing Caption Contest was such a success that we decided to run a few more.

    Good afternoon nursing students, your misson, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with a caption to this cartoon. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 week to achieve your objective. Follow the easy rules below. This message will self destruct in....

    Caption Contest Rules: To qualify for the prize money and fame, your caption must be posted here in this thread on allnurses.com.

    A finalists poll will appear Saturday, April 28th. A week later, the cartoon with the winning caption will be posted and the winner will get $100.

    We welcome everyone to participate! Join allnurses.com! It's Free!

    Don't forget to tell your friends, family, and co-workers!

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    UPDATE: We have chosen 8 entries from 200+ captions submitted. Vote for your favorite at Top 8 Finalist - Nursing Student Cartoon Caption Contest


    [UPDATE] May 5th - Congratulations to CindyNRN for winning the 3rd Nursing Caption Contest!
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  3. by   Staragate
    I'll have to talk to the doc about having the cat surgically detached.
  4. by   KathrynMP
    "Did someone forget to read the Rogaine instructions again?"
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  5. by   caliotter3
    You said you lost What???!
  6. by   tlcashman
    Sir, I am sorry but you are not allowed to bring pets into the exam room.
  7. by   Shelly41
    Wooly Bears are DEFINITELY out of my Scope of Practice!!
  8. by   hcowart
    This isn't NANDA approved.
  9. by   H0rsecrazy
    This is going to be a HAIRY situation
  10. by   SHGR
    That ink pen was supposed to be for marking your surgical site.
  11. by   Loopster
    Well yes sir wayne rooney did have a hair transplant. But he had it to fill in the bald patches on his HEAD! Not his chest.
  12. by   Alawler11
    So mr. Furry tongue, you want Viagra for the foreign film porn party? Why didn't I stay home and watch cops today
  13. by   TxSerenity
    I know we already attached the EKG leads but, since there is a full moon, it looks like we have to do it again.
  14. by   Loopster
    Sir please remove ur jumper ready for ur examination.