2017 Nursing Student Study Tips Contest

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  2. It's Back to School time for nursing students. We know that nursing school is very challenging for many. One of the biggest challenges is learning how to make the most of your time and developing excellent study habits. For this contest, we are asking our members to submit study tips that they have found helpful during the course of their nursing studies.

    The contest rules are as follows:
    • Tips approved before publication.
    • Articles are recommended but not required.
    • 50 words min; 700+ words is BEST.
    • Contest ends October 30th

    Five winners will each receive a $100 Amazon Gift card.

    Submit your tips on our Study Tips for Nursing Students page
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  4. by   cholo mane
    Am new here just registered myself into this awesome site. Am a student nurse in kenya in Africa in my 4rth year diploma in Nursing. Wanted to share my study tips but sorry me am late for the contest. Am excited to be here and i hop for the best in this wonderful calling carrer as a nurse and i hope to benefit from this site of wonderful professionals. Thank you!
  5. by   DallasCCRN
    I am a former military Nurse Officer and a retired Professor but still working part time as an agency CCU Nurse. Over the years I worked with many Nurses and student Nurses from Africa. The vast majority of them were extremely dedicated, hard working, and very eager to learn as much as possible. I totally enjoyed my experiences teaching student Nurses from all over the world, but the African students were particularly dear to my heart. I suspect this was because I knew that many of them had overcome incredible difficulties and made amazing personal sacrifices to achieve their educational opportunities. Best wishes to you and to your family for supporting your dreams for a successful and prosperous future as a Nurse.
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  6. by   cholo mane
    nice to meet you sir,