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Allergy Friendly Halloween Treat Guide


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Scroll down past the ads and there is a very comprehensive list of allergy friendly Halloween snacks.  Keep in mind the expiration date found at the top of the list.  Good info to get out there for all of our allergy kiddos.  Halloween is always tricky for these families and this is a good time to do some teaching and build empathy within our school communities.

Flare, ASN, BSN

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good list -I'll post on my website as general info for parents.  I have already been the grinch that nixxed birthday treats.  (love the idea of cafeteria supplied snacks, the caf manager loved it too, but is waaay too busy prepping meals for the week for the remote kids) I have every intention on nixxing Halloween parties if I'm asked my opinion.  

Dave Bloom

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Thanks for posting this. Note the list is entirely interactive... you can click on any of the product listings and see detailed allergen processing information INCLUDING share line/facility information not found on the label or anywhere else.