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by bjaeram bjaeram (Member)

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We are going to this soon and I was just curious what everyone's opinion was on this program.

Also how do you chart with it. Do you have computers in each room, or handheld devices, or computers in the nurses station. I want handheld devices so bad but we aren't getting them. Management thinks they will get stolen or broken. If you have them how do you secure them?

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We have had handheld devices for passing meds at my hospital for years now and I haven't heard of any stories of anyone stealing them. They're just kept out at the nurses station on the charging docks. They get dropped occasionally, but they're pretty sturdy. A lot of us were against getting them at first, but now I really like them! We also have computers in every room and about 12 computers at the nurses station and 4 computers in the hallways. I don't have any information about All Scripts....sorry!

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