Salary increase from floor RN to charge RN

  1. Wondering what the standard percentage of hourly increase someone got when transitioning from floor to charge RN?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Not in Alaska, but I got a whopping $1/hour to deal with the headache. Not an actual salary increase. Had to clock in using a special code.
  4. by   enigmatism
    Charge at my hospital does it similarly, just a special pay code. They make $2/hr more for being charge. Not sure how other facilities do it, but at my hospital, charge does not have a patient load. A big part of their job is doing the staffing for the next shift (we staff by acuity so number of nurses required can vary from shift to shift), and being a resource to the nurses on the floor.
  5. by   That Guy
    We get an extra 2.50/hr to babysit the nurses