Moving to Eielson AFB Feb 17th, 2010---LPN Job employability in this area?

  1. Hey guys,
    have tried posting before, and had no replies....dont even know if iam posting correctly, but here it goes....Iam an LPN in Florida, 4 years, all Med Surge hospital/ACLS cert...Iam appx 8 months away from my clinicals to finish my RN bridge with excelsior question is, i will need to find employment, 25-30 hours/wk....We will be living on Eielson AFb, so the immediate area of Eielson, Ft Wainright, North Pole, and Fairbanks are my options for employment....Can anyone tell me are there a need in this area for LPN's? average pay? i know most hospitals in Alaska want RN's, im ok with that, will be there soon enough....I have already been granted a TLPN license by Alaska (good until 7/2010) if anyone can provide any info on job advice, other than Federal employment, (have already applied for those and am waiting) i would greatly appreciate it !!!---My wife and i are driving the whole way, we cant wait !...any and all advice appreciated.....
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