Looking to move to Anchorage area

  1. Hello, I’m looking into moving to the Anchorage area as a NP and my husband is aSystems/Server administrator, we are moving from Arkansas, And I’m curious about the pro’s and con’s for livingthere in these professions and we have a daughter that will be in high school. Whatare the best areas to live, average cost of living, Etc….
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  3. by   KieraM95
    I lived there for 18 years and while I can't tell you much about the professions, I can tell you that the best areas to live in the Anchorage area are Eagle River (a suburb town of 40,000 about 10 miles out) or the South side of town. Both are very good areas with the top two high schools in the state, good people, low crime and have good neighborhoods. The average cost of living is higher than the contiguous U.S. but the pay is higher for almost every job to compensate. Food is more expensive but if you love nature and being surrounded by beauty, its the place to live! Hope that helps! Good luck