Labor & Delivery Fellowship at Providence Alaska (Anchorage)

  1. Can anyone let me know when they would let someone know if they were chosen for the fellowship? My status shows up as "under consideration" on their website - I applied about 2 weeks ago.

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  3. by   OutOfStater
    Hi there! Did you ever hear anything back about this by chance??
  4. by   stepdownRN88
    Unfortunately I never heard anything back, OutOfStater.
  5. by   OutOfStater
    Darn! I'm sorry! Any idea how competitive that department was by chance?
  6. by   stepdownRN88
    Hey, I'm really not sure to be honest. Sorry that I'm not that much of a help, but good luck to you if you applied for it (hope you get it)!
  7. by   OutOfStater
    No worries, thanks for the information! I'm not applying until Spring, just trying to get an idea of how the market is up there at the moment.