Dialysis In Alaska

  1. hey to all you hemo nurses!!!! i am seeking info about the chronic units in your beautiful state, i have many family members that are from and still leaving in various parts of alaska, but none are in the health care field, so the info is very limited .. plus, getting imput from the trenches is always more informative and realistic. what dialysis companies are in your major cities? how big are these units? any and all info will be apreciated very, very much! thanks
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  3. by   tired dialysis nurse
    no dialysis in alaska?????????:uhoh21:
  4. by   trvlnRN
    I heard RCG which is now FMC has a unit in Anchorage. I've never been out there. Check out the internet. I found something though google once before that had lists of clinics in areas.
  5. by   Mama Val
    There are 2 renal dialysis clinics that I know of. They have been here for years. There is one in Anchorage and another one here in Fairbanks. They are always busy covering most of the patients in the interior.