any travel nurses at the va in anchorage?

  1. hi
    i am a current travel lpn. my agency is offering me a travel job at the va clinic in anchorage. does anybody have any helpful comments about working here?
    if i take it where should i look for housing? are the bus lines near?
    i have a cat that will be going with me, makes renting kind of hard. i would consider doing the roommate thing or renting a room. any advice on this would be great.

    i am from ohio, but currently in minnesota.
    i came here in the dead of winter, so im guessing it will be even colder up there with ya'll.

    i have been trying to research this but all the info i can find is mostly geared to tourists.

    thanks so much
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  3. by   oneLoneNurse
    Which agency? Sounds like fun.
  4. by   jeffreyorbit
    yeah that does sound fun