Anchorage Hospitals

  1. I am moving to Anchorage. If you could move to Anchorage all over again and pick a place to staff nurse, which hospital would you choose? I'll be doing either cadiology, ICU, or ED.

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  3. by   JMBM
    I like it right where I'm at, but that doesn't mean much to another person. Providence is the biggest hospital by far, and it continues to build like mad. That usually translates into a need for nurses and opportunities to get into different departments. Alaska Regional is a smaller, for-profit. They have a reputation of being alittle more flexible with hours and scheduling. The Alaska Native Medical Center is a public health hospital for native Americans, so it has a distinctly cultural difference to it. Its also a teaching hospital. Providence and ANMC are both relatively new buildings, but Regional isn't far behind - all three are fairly nice and located in safe parts of town, actually quite close to one another. There is another for-profit hospital, Mat-Su Regional, located near Palmer, about 40 miles north of Anchorage. Many new folks buy homes in communities to the north, so this is not outside a reasonable commute. Mat-Su is brand-new, so I don't know much about it. There is a smaller hospital on the Elmendorf Air Force base that hires civilian nurses.