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Alaska Native Medical and Commissioned Corps


Specializes in Family Med, Mental Health, Public Health. Has 7 years experience.

Hello Alaska!

I have applied to be in the Commissioned Corps, and I am desperately trying to get into Alaksa native medical Center in Anchorage. For those of you that live there, is there a strong Commissioned Corp presence there? I am interested in the IHS and feel as though it would be a good learning experience for me. I also have to add that I have a 9 month old daughter, and coming to Anchorage would be my best bet as far as relocation because my parents are relocating there next month as they are military. I have been a nurse for a year, and have worked in public health and mental health. I also do home health PRN. Any suggestions, comments or ideas anyone. Any information would be HIGHLY appreciated. HELP!!!

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