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I just rec'd my acceptance letter from Wallace State CC! However, my heart is set on LSCC evening program!... Read More

  1. by   justshe
    Thanks guys, Im trying to be optimistic. You know my mind is going in a million, what if they never even got my application. If I don't have anything in the mail today I will try calling.
  2. by   lilrat38
    Hi Nurseshe! I know it's very stressful waiting to get your letter but I'm sure you'll get a letter. I've been waiting to get my letters from jeff state and lawson. You hang in there and I wish you the best of luck!:tinkbll:
  3. by   VSBlonde
    For those who got in, what does it specify for type(brand) and style of uniform?
  4. by   swtpea48
    It just sent an order form and told us that on either Tuesday or Wed of orientation we will be fitted for our uniforms. They said it would cost about 120
  5. by   justshe
    Guys, I got my letter today I'm INNNNNNN. Does anyone know about the hybrid classes?

    Thank you all for the encouraging words during my wait.
  6. by   swtpea48
    I think some of them may be online. At least that is what previous nursing students have told me. Congrats and see you at orientation!!!
  7. by   swtpea48
    For those attending orientation at WSCC on Monday, I called the bookstore today to find out if the nursing handbooks are ready to be picked up. They haven't even been sent off to the printer yet!! She said they should be there on Tuesday though. Just wanted to pass it along.
  8. by   swtpea48
    LOL!! I meant attenting orientation Tuesday. Sorry, guess I'm wanting it to get here a little faster.
  9. by   justshe
    We need nametags or Ill be there with an sign
  10. by   Product
    How many points?

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