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  1. Hey you all. Ive recently looked into University of West Alabama's nursing program. from what i understand, you must have a 3.0 if u have a act of 18 or lower and a 21 gpa on up guarentees you a spot in the program as long as your gpa is over a 2.0. its a adn program i know... but thats about it.. can anyone tell me anything about this program? i just wanted to know some more information before i applied... thanks!
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  3. by   kotomi
    I just thought I would post this becaused I was trying to find more information myself and I came across this without any answers. I am going to post what I have discovered from talking to someone at the nursing department in hopes that this may answer someone else's future questions.

    3 courses must be taken prior to the fall (Eng. Comp I, Gen. Psychology, Anat/Physiology I).
    A 21 on the ACT gets you unconditional acceptance into the program.

    A student with an ACT composite score of 19 or 20 OR a grade point average of at least 3.0 in required general education courses may be considered for conditional admission.

    Clinicals are done in Meridian, MS; Demopolis, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL, and at times there may be a clinical in Birmingham or Waynesboro, Ms. Application, official transcripts, and ACT scores must be submitted before March 1.
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