University of South Alabama online FNP Spring 2012

  1. I just received my acceptance letter for Spring 2012 online FNP program, I am not from the area and was hoping to get any information on what the classes are like, which professors are good, what to expect as far as exams.. etc. I did an accelerated BSN and was able to do well, but I've never done an online program, it seems like its a tough school looking at the previous posts. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   Blessed22
    Hello....I just wanted to introduce myself. I too will be starting this program next week.
  4. by   samanthfnp
    Congrats! Where are you from? Do you have a private email address?
  5. by   linzybinzy
    Blessed22 and Samanthfnp, I was just accepted for Fall 2012 Family DNP program, and was wondering if you could give any info on how it is going so far for you?
  6. by   Cauliflower
    I applied for the semester after you two, and wondered how the program is going so far