University of South Alabama MSN online program

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    I am enrolled in the online master's program at USA and will be taking advanced nursing assessment this summer. If anyone has taken this class already, can you please comment about the instructors. Any advice as who to take this class with? This is a tough curriculum. I only have three more semesters to go. I would love to have a great semester with assessment so any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Just a is against the Terms of Service of this site to post names of professors on the public site. Please communicate this information via private message.
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    Hey, tnbutterfly, I am planning on going into the USA rn-msn program. It will be several years from now because I technically haven't even started my LPN program yet! I guess it never hurts to have a plan

    Do you like the USA program? Do you have any advice on it? I live in TN right now but we're thinking of relocating to AL.