The University of Alabama "The Capstone College of Nursing"

  1. Currently, I am taking courses t meet the prerequisites for my BSN. I want to go to The University of Alabama "The Capstone" in Tuscaloosa to complete this degree. Has anyone successfully completed a BSN from The UA? What is the level of difficulty of nursing school entrance? Does anyone know the possible GPA cutoff? (Is this GPA for the prerequisites or overall GPA?) Level of intensity of program?


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  3. by   Snickett
    I went to UA at first; Faculty are not very approachable. The Dean cares more about appearance and reputation of "The Capstone" than she does about students. Speaking from first hand experiences, the entrance depends more on what you look like than your GPA or potential to be a good nurse. You would be much better off going to UAB or even an ADN program followed by a BSN from Troy or South Alabama.